I’m not a saint.
But seems like I’m trying to be one,
by judging [almost] everything, everyone.

I’m not a saint.
Nor I want to be one.
I’ve been thru’ experiment and pain
that I know I’m going to be someone.
Anyone, except for a saint.

I’m not a saint.
Not sure neither I’m a villain.
though I’m having affair with the evil
that most of time I created suffer.
Nevertheless, I will stop judging people,
and it should makes me feel better.

I’m not a saint.
Though I’m acting like one.
I have have been lain
and notice it’s never done.

I’m not a saint,
but it’s human nature to flirting with taint.
While it’s vain and giving no gain,
I think it’s okay to playing saint.
Sometimes. When the sky’s no rain.

I’m not a saint. Or trying to be one.
Not sure I’m a villain and trying to be one.
But thanks God I’m not a saint.
I’m just human, that is the main.

The end.

©Desovia @27.11.08