This was supposed to posted at Jan 08, 2009 as it was the birthday’s date.  But, oh well.

Happy Birthday! A lot of thing I wanna say:

I’m so sorry had treated you like a porcelain
You’re so beautiful and precious and plain
That I thought I may not have had vain
Since you’re gift from the saint.

So…, it is funny when you said I had treated you like shit
That you didn’t felt my respect even a bit
Onto my heart you really blow huge hit
Sending me out of the orbit
Made me felt guilty like a kid,
or worse, a twit.
Oh yes dear, you really did.

You rejected my suggestion
to hear each other explanation
You said: time will heal our condition
But hell, time do nothing since we have no action
Still you refused any co-operation to improve our relation
And that was the start of our current situation.

I miss you and have had adored you
Always do
And only you.

Really, I don’t wanna say goodbye
Though I know you’re the one who didn’t want to try
I was missing you and still will I
But I can no longer bear myself to cry
I need to be free and fly
You can reach me though, ‘cos I won’t be high
I love you and I’m not shy
I forgive you and there’s no why.

©Desovia @06/01/09
revise: 23/03/09